Bali is the most Arts

The ancient kingdoms of the (rajas) and princes of Bali were dismantled by colonial governments in the early part of this century, but many of their royal descendants still own traditional palaces and are very much respected as patrons of the arts. Art and culture are strongly bonded to Bali’s unique form of Hinduism called “Hindu Darma”. Classical dance dramas for example, are based on the old Hindu epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, but contain an element of local folklore, peculiar to the island. The very soul of Bali is rooted in religion and is expressed in art forms that have been passionately preserved over the centuries

It seems that almost every person is an artist, spending free time applying skills and images which have been passed down from generation to generation and grasped from a very young age. Whether expressed through beautiful and intricate paintings and dances. Extraordinary carvings superb weaving or even in decorations made for myriad shrines which can be found in public areas, on road, in paddy fields or in homes; the island is alive with art.

The Balinese have been more exposed to international tourists and generally speak more English than people in order parts of the Indonesian archipelago. They have managed to preserve their culture despite overwhelming foreign influences brought to the region by an ever increasing number of tourists. Bali’s international airline and charters, Ngurah Rai, is in the south of the island and is served by numerous international airlines and charters. In order to keep up with growing number of visitors and the need for their comfort, more hotels have been built, ranging from small bungalow type for budget travelers to the luxurious Nusa Dua tourist resort area, near the airport, on the southern tip of the island. Water sports have naturally gained in popularity and Bali offers superb surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, and white water rafting.


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